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“People's porn doesn't get posted, but fucked up shit like this does”


“Okay, I stand corrected. "I Like Big Butts" is a Sundance Film Festival Finalist compared to this piece of shit. And the piece of shit that posted it needs a ten-penny nail driven into his forehead as thanks”


“British dudes can't really imitate African-Americans. He tries to conceal his British accent by yelling, but you can still hear it. But it's still pretty funny because of that reason.”


“This is one of the worst postings I've seen on the internet in a long time”


“Have you seen George Foreman? This guy looks nothing like him. He is a brown skinned man--not the color this guy has put on. I think things like this show a deeper trend in society today--selfishness, self centeredness and thoughlessness. Your laughing is more important than people who are offended by images like this. The black face was used for decades to demean and defile the images of black people. Don't tell me to get over it. Get over your self centered attitude”


More anger!

George Foreman Spoof

After the  'TMATM' video, Dean was instructed by his college to produce an advert that used a voiceover. This was the result....and shown in front of his class. We can only imagine the teachers face filled with pure happiness...Bumcloth is a small amateur film company that mostly create spoofs on famous/not so famous celebrities. The company is run by James Dowd, Dean Loehr, James Harrison, Michael Dowd and Richard Booth. All members at some point have acted in their films but usually James Dowd takes on the spoofs main character.Each spoof is usually written by Dean Loehr and James Dowd with other members giving their input during the filming stages. Editing for this video was done by Michael Dowd and James Dowd

George Foreman Spoof
George Foreman Spoof